First Impressions Count

You may never have a second chance.


When you're busy with all the manifest issues around the daily running your business, your company logo and how it appears may not be exactly top of mind. Perhaps it's time to push it up your list of priorities.

Humans are predominantly visual. We all make snap-judgements, consciously or not. We are geared to take in lot of visual information in a heartbeat - first impressions. And, as we all know, they matter. 

You're offered the ideal product at the best price but the packaging is shoddy - you refrain from buying.You visit a website that offers all the information you need but looks outdated and awkward to navigate - you leave.

You meet someone you really like the look of and get on with but their teeth are yellow and unwashed - you skip it. It takes a mere moment for someone to make that crucial decision - and they don't often think twice. So help them make the right decision about your business - and that starts with your logo.


Look carefully at your logo. Ask yourself:


  • Does it communicate the right message
  • How unique is it? 
  • What do your customers associate with it? 
  • Is it old-fashioned? 
  • What instant emotional reaction do viewers have with it? 
  • Better still, ask others what they think of your logo! After all, important as your opinion is, the opinion of your customers and prospects is all that really matters. If the feedback is all positive then all well and good. If it isn't it's probably time for an overhaul before too much damage is done. 


Don't try to do that yourself. Your logo's way too important for that. Leave it to the professionals - but that doesn't mean it has to cost the earth. Take a look at the following familiar logos: One is an exception - but which one?! I'll put to you out of your misery. The Nike swoosh cost just £10 in 1971, the recycling logo £750 in 1972 whilst the BP logo, by Landor Associates, cost a reported £4.6 million in 2008. The more remarkable fact is that the first two were designed by students!


In short, whatever your budget, you don't have to pay through the nose  to create the right logo but it's well worth the time and effort.