Why your business needs a brand book?

A Brand Book is an integral tool to any strong brand. Essentially, it’s a set of guidelines that make sure your brand is always communicated in a consistent, unified way. 

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity – your brand book needs to find the perfect balance that allows your designers to be creative, while keeping your brand consistent and easily recognisable. In other words, rules can be bent, but never broken.  

Why is a brand book so important?

The biggest advantage of a brand book is consistency. It makes sure that everyone who works with your brand – from marketing staff to external designers – is working towards one consistent look and feel, no matter where in the world the brand is seen. This is 100% necessary if you are to build one strong, unified brand. 

Another great thing about a brand book is that it encompasses what your brand is about in one place. Many companies are built up over time, meaning there are lots of various documents and rules around brand guidelines. As a result, people can’t agree whether to resize logos or when the strapline should and shouldn’t be used. Confusing doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

With a brand book, every time you bring in a new employee or engage an external agency, you can point them to your brand book for any answers. It’s as simple as that. 

Who is a brand book for?

Typically, brand books are designed for anyone who has anything to do with the brand. This could be the marketing team, external agencies, freelancers, consultants, copywriters, signmakers, designers – you get the gist. 

What does a brand book contain?

Brand books can contain most or all of the following:

Overview of brand history, vision, personality and key values
Visual identity elements and guidelines
Do’s and don’t’s for logo usage
Copy and tone of voice
Photography style
Seasonal branding guidelines

Where should I keep the brand book?

Your brand book should be a user-friendly PDF document that can be housed in an easy-to-find location for staff, and easily provided to any external parties as needed. You might want to put it on your website or intranet, if you have one.  

Can I create my own brand book?

In theory yes, but the details around the design elements of your brand mean that it’s best to involve an experienced design agency. Media Spread can help you with your brand book, choose the right typeface, colour scheme and style for all your business future marketing campaigns.